Lolab faces worst power crisis

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Mohammad Iqbal Mir

Lolab August 28:Disturbing power scenario in Kashmir the residents of Various areas of District Kupwara today complained that they were getting just five hour of electricity in 24 hours. The residents accused the Power Development Department of not adhering to the curtailment schedule.Even fully metered areas facing worst problem crisis the residents said . the situation in unmetered and remote villages of Lolab krusan lalpora sogam dharamwari darpora lalpora mandipora and is most awful they said they wher facing unprecedented power crises when the PDD installed meters in our areas we wear assured to get power supply round the clock but ther promises proved to be a hoax they said Similar reports we received from remote villages of Lolab Lolpora Darpora Dharamwari Krusan Many Areas acut power shortage Scores of residents of Dharamwari Darpora Lalpora and other villages complained that power plays hide and seek even hours they said the unschedualed power cuts have become order of the day and students are the worst sufferers we are playing electricity dues in time and yet the reeling under drikness a group of shopkeeper of Krusan told precious Kashmir the consumer from krusan area also alleged that PDD is taken them for a ride the situation has gone from bad to worse during the past few weeks they said.
adding the power cuts were more frequent and extended for last five weeks they said that shortage of electricity in Lolab was experienced thoughtout the year and it only worsened in the