Hakeem Yaseen hails Modi for his talks initiative with Pak

Hakeem Yaseen hails Modi for his talks initiative with Pak
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Srinagar: Chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib Hakeem Yaseen Monday appreciated PM Narendra Modi for showing his willingness to begin talks with the neighboring country Pakistan.
In a statement, Hakeem Yaseen said that the letter written by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to newly elected Pakistan PM Imran Khan, in which he has indicated the beginning of talks between the two countries was most appreciating adding that the dialogue process between the two neighboring countries was need of the hour to minimize tensions in -continent.
He said dialogue and reconciliation process between India-Pakistan to resolve bilateral issues including that of Kashmir imbrilogo was in the better interests of the people of both countries as it was the only way forward for both to tread on the path of development and prosperity.
He said animosity between India and Pakistan since last 7 decades has badly retarded their growth and advancement in the free and competitive world order and has proved very detrimental for the common people of both countries.
“Both countries have fought three wars in past which has brought only death and destruction”, Hakeem Yaseen said adding that it was the right time for the Indian PM and the new Pak PM to make a new beginning to bring lasting peace in the whole sub-continent.
He said Jammu and Kashmir always remains the first causality of strained relations between India and Pakistan who suffer adversely on all fronts. He said the people of the state are yearning for peace and better future.
“After resolving their issues, both the neighboring countries would be able to spend their huge defence budgets on the welfare and prosperity of their people”, Hakeem Yaseen added. (KNS)