BJP mastered art of spreading falsehood, mastering lies: Cong

BJP mastered art of spreading falsehood, mastering lies: Cong
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Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Congress chief G A Mir Sunday said the BJP has “mastered the art of spreading falsehood”, alleging that the party’s divisive politics has landed the country in a difficult situation.
“The country is facing a very difficult situation as there is widespread mistrust and atmosphere of hate amongst a section of society and different communities,” Mir said addressing a series of meetings of different Assembly segments here.
“This kind of politics is fraught with dangers and brings about disunity and disharmony which goes against the basic strength of our nation which lies in unity in diversity,” he said.
The Congress leader said the BJP has mastered the “art of marketing falsehood” and exploiting the emotions of the people for their vote bank politics.
“The BJP has the art of spreading falsehood and marketing lies besides exploiting the emotions of people on different slogans, which has created division in the society,” he said in a statement here.
Referring to the present situation in the state, Mir said the two opportunist parties, the PDP and the BJP, have left the state in “chaos and confusion” during over three years of their “misrule”.
He said there was always a tug of war between the two parties over sensitive issues and vital decisions, but they remained glued to their chairs at the cost of commitments to their electorate.
“Never in the history and nowhere in the country, the ‘north pole and south pole’ joined for the sake of power, but such was the lust of power, that nothing was dear to them except chair,” the Congress leader said.
He claimed that the people of the state are waiting for an opportunity to teach a lesson to both parties for their conduct and opportunism.