Operation sanitation begins

Operation sanitation begins
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As the 60-day Amarnath yatra is all set to culminate in a few days, Governor N N Vohra, who is also the chairman of Shri Amarnath Shrine Board, has directed the concerned camp directors and others to launch a massive sanitation drive in two phases of all the yatra camps and along the tracks.
Nearly 2.80 lakhs pilgrims undertook the annual pilgrimage this year and still yatris are pouring in. The Governor Vohra has always remained keen about the sanitation and the cleanliness of the areas which are used during the pilgrimage.
He has always stressed on the need to keep these areas clean to ensure that ecological balance of these fragile areas is not disturbed.
Pilgrims have to trek a long way to reach the Amarnath cave which is nestled in southern Himalayas as the road connectivity ends at a certain point and they cannot go beyond it.
In the recent past the voices had become shriller to set a cap on the number of pilgrims visiting the holy cave everyday but the proposal was shelved. The SASB under the chairmanship of the Governor Vohra has ensured that the ecological balance is not disturbed and the litter is cleared without wasting anytime.
During the past few years number of pilgrims undertaking the pilgrimage has increased manifolds. Despite the increase in number of yatris the SASB has ensured that areas enroute Amarnath cave are kept clean and the litter which gets collected near the camp sites is disposed of without any hassles. The SASB has been taking extra precautions to keep the areas clean. But still lot more needs to be done to preserve the environment and eco-fragile areas. This much we owe to our generations to come.