Substandard medicines flood Kashmir

Substandard medicines flood Kashmir
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Recently Rajashtan government recently sounded an alert and declared as many as eighteen vital medicines unfit for the human consumption.
According to the media reports these medicines include antibiotics and commonly used salts. The circular issued by the Rajashtan government was forwarded to J&K government also. It had asked the Drug Controller of the state to withdraw these medicines from the market without any delay as these dugs lack efficacy.
It’s unfortunate that thousands of people by now would have consumed these medicines. These consumers are unaware about the fact that they have been fed with the substandard medicines.
The J&K government has not issued any advisory in this regard. Nor it seems to have taken a note of this serious issue. Irony is that the drugs which have been found substandard have been manufactured by the renowned companies.
The state government needs to put its act together and get these substandard medicines withdrawn from the market and also from the government run hospitals across the state.
It’s strange that despite these medicines of a particular batch number wreaking havoc in the markets the Drug department seems to be ignoring the issue. The department should have become active soon after it received the circular from the Rajasthan government. It’s the moral duty of the officials at helm to act and save the lives of the people who don’t know whether the medicines consumed by them are fit for their consumption or not.
A few years ago major scandal about substandard drugs being available in the leading hospitals in Jammu and Kashmir had come to fore. It had created ripples across the state. At that point of time entire government machinery had swung into action but as the issue died down the situation has returned back to square one. People are hoping that Governor’s administration would take a note of this issue and act against the drug mafia active in the state.