J&K resources not utilized

J&K resources not utilized
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Governor N N Vohra expressing dismay over the failure of the successive regimes to harness the hydropower potential of Jammu and Kashmir has exposed the claims of the politicians that they worked overtime to serve the people of the state.
The Governor has pointed out that out of 20,000 mega watts hydro-electricity potential, state is generating just over 3000 MWs. It’s really a cause of concern.
Jammu and Kashmir has been facing the power crisis since 1947. The companies like NHPC which set up power projects in J&K have made a fortune by harnessing the water resources of the state. Political regimes which have come into power during all these years have always talked about taking the power projects back from New Delhi. One such promise was also made by the Peoples Democratic Party. It had said that once it comes into power it would take back the power projects. A notion was created during the PDP led regime that a deal to take the power projects back has almost been finalized. But eventually it came to fore that Centre never agreed to return any of the power projects.
The common perception is that the political parties just played politics over hydropower resources of the state and no sincere attempt was made to harness these. Had the politicians concentrated on harnessing these resources by now J&K would have been self reliant in generating electricity. Unfortunately they ignored the state’s potential and kept on looking towards New Delhi for everything. Had they tried to make J&K self reliant in all the sectors it would have boasted the economy of the state. Politicians should learn from the mistakes they have committed in the past. They cannot just keep on doing lip service and then expect to get away with these every time. Mere slogans are not going to help anyone’s cause.