PDP-BJP responsible for agony, anguish among people: Usman Majid

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Srinagar, Aug 12: Pradesh Congress Committee General Secretary and MLA Bandipora Usman Majid Sunday said that the unholy alliance of PDP BJP were responsible for the agony and anguish among the people. In a statement, Majid said that people will never forgive both the parties for betrayal and damages caused to peace and development in the State.
Majid described the previous PDP-BJP dispensation as anti-poor and anti development, saying due to administrative inertia and lack of political direction the sufferings of the people have increased manifold during over past three years.)He said that the previous insensitive coalition government has pushed people to the wall, as unemployment has increased, prices have risen and developmental activities have suffered a huge dent.
Majid said that people in all the three regions have realized that the vote to PDP BJP in 2014 elections has brought death and destruction only, as a result they were feeling dejected over the way they are being treated. He said that PDP and BJP have failed people on every count, as that no development has taken place, rather the developmental process started by the UPA govt in the State has came to standstill.
Majid said that people in far place especially in Bandipora have been made to suffer on every count, even they had been denied the basic facilities they deserved. He said that Congress party will bring the State at a developmental track again ensuring that justice is done to people especially poor and down trodden people. He said that Congress is emerging as a strong alternative in all three regions of the state “especially when the previous coalition has utterly failed and stands exposed on all fronts after the end of their power politics in the state.