Laboratory bearers working in School Education department demand promotion

Laboratory bearers working in School Education department demand promotion
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G N Raina

Ganderbal, Aug 10: The highly qualified laboratory bearers working in school education department demand their promotion. They are working in the department since 2012 and are possessing M.A, M. Sc, M. Com, B.Ed and other professional degrees.
We are waiting for our promotion as our promotion is blocked by the less qualified 10th pass or Adeeb. They are promoted as Lab assistant and they occupy the post till their retirement without knowing the basic elements of the laboratory said one of the P.G, B.Ed lab bearer.
We demand that traditional system of promotion should be abolished by the department and 12th pass should be the minimum qualification for lab bearer to get promotion for the post of lab assistant, said John Muhammad Rather one of the M.Com B.Ed lab bearer.
The traditional term ”Qualified” should be reviewed as soon as possible, as keeping 10th qualified is no more required in the department because it is the smart age of technology said Sajeeda Nazir who is Bsc, M.A B.Ed lab bearer.
Only lab bearer should be promoted to the post of lab assistant as the post of lab assistant is technical in nature and a 10th pass or Adeeb does not know anything about the laboratory, said Ishfaq Ahmad who is Bsc, Lab bearer.
In the year 2016 the department has already submitted a letter vide letter no Desk/NT/CC/02/547 (N) 2015/SGR/1833 dated 01.10.2016 we want the implementation of this that has been submitted by DESK to the commissioner secretary school education department the worthy director has made some recommendation in this letter which should be implemented in letter and spirit as it is the need of the hour said Mehraj who is P.G Political Science ,B.Ed lab bearer.
On the one hand the Govt is talking about the quality education and on the other hand a fertile resource of intellectuals is getting rusted and wasted in the some department. If some attention is paid by the Govt and their abilities and potentialities would be used in a more better way that would be beneficial for both the department as well as for highly qualified lab bearers, said Safoora Farooq who is Bsc, M.A, B.Ed Lab bearer.
Recently we met advisor to Governor Khursheed Ahmad Ganie at grievance cell Church lane Sonwar Srinagar he gave a very positive respond to our problem and said that it is a genuine demand, said Saima Bashir who is P.G ,B.Ed Lab bearer.