Defend Article 35-A collectively

Defend Article 35-A collectively
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The Supreme Court has accepted eight intervention impleadment applications filed to defend the Article 35-A, which accords special rights and privileges to the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir.
These applications have been filed by various groups and political parties to counter the arguments of the people who have challenged the legal validity of the Article 35-A. All these applications have been filed by Kashmir based groups and political parties. There is no second opinion about the fact that entire Kashmir wants to defend this vital Article of the Indian Constitution.
Kashmir observed a complete shutdown for two days against the attempts being made to tinker with Article 35-A and the complete strike proved that Kashmir stands united to defend this Article. Even a section of lawyers from Jammu region are of the opinion that this Article should stay.
Most people in the Valley are of the opinion that this Article is necessary to save their identity and to prevent J&K from getting overcrowded. The need of the hour is that the interveners who have approached the Supreme Court should collectively defend this Article rather than fighting separately. They should devise a joint strategy to foil the attempts of the people who have challenged the legal validity of this vital Article.
There needs to be a consensus as this matter touches the skin of an every common Kashmiri. People in Kashmir would have to cut across their political ideologies and come forward to defend the Article 35-A. August 27 is not that far. People who want this Article to be scrapped are working overtime and are trying to create a notion that this Article is standing on its last legs. This notion needs to be dispelled.