Threat deferred

Threat deferred
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Threat to Article 35-A has been deferred by 21-days as the Supreme Court has adjourned the hearing on the petitions challenging this Article till August 27.
It looks like that the final decision on this Article, which provides special privileges to the permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir, is likely to be announced soon, it can be delayed but decision cannot be ignored.
Kashmir and Chenab Valley observed a complete shutdown for 2-days to convey a message to New Delhi that Kashmir’s stand united and would oppose any move to oppose the Article 35-A. Revoking this vital Article would weaken the Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and would eventually pave the way for complete merger of the state with the union of India.
Bharatiya Janata Party since its inception has always said that whenever it comes into power it would revoke the Article 370. Soon after the BJP came into power in 2014 the NGO, which is believed to be sponsored by rightwing parties, filed the petition to challenge this Article in Supreme Court.
Four years have passed since the day first petition was filed to challenge this Article 35-A. Since that day bunch of petitions has been filed to challenge this Article and it looks like that the final decision cannot be deferred for long. Either the Supreme Court will bite the bullet and go ahead with its verdict to scrap the Article or would dismiss the case. If the case is dismissed it would be a relief for the people of Kashmir. If the decision goes other way round and Article 35-A is scrapped it BJP would project it as a “big victory” and make its an election plank for the forthcoming 2019 parliamentary polls.