Qazigund residents irked over lack of proper garbage collection

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Aman Malik

Anantnag, Aug 6: The lack of a proper sewage treatment plant or a garbage dumping site in the Qazigund town of south Kashmir is taking a severe toll on the environment and health of residents in the area.
Reports said that the municipal authorities, after letting the garbage rot on the roadsides for days, dump it on the outskirts of the town without any proper treatment.
Residents say irregular clearance of garbage in the towns in the district was a major cause of the spread of diseases in the area.
“Not only is it affecting the health of the residents but the foul smell emanating from the garbage is also unbearable and concerns both the residents of the area and the people passing by,” said Adv Ab Rahman Tantary, a resident of Qazigund town.
He said there were no garbage bins in the town due to which garbage was left at roadsides for days together till the authorities sent a dumping van.
Residents of areas adjoining Qazigund town say garbage from Qazigund town was at least being picked up even if it was irregular and dumped into trenches on the outskirts of the town. “In our town garbage is left to rot just outside the town limits, under open sky, causing severe inconvenience to people living nearby,” said a resident of Doru town.
The authorities, however, maintain that the problem is going to be taken care of very soon.