Many questions unanswered

Many questions unanswered
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Security guards of the former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah killing an “intruder” in Jammu has raised many questions as the family members of the deceased youth Sayeed Murfad Shah have contested that Shah was an ‘intruder.”
The Jammu and Kashmir government has ordered a magisterial probe into the circumstances which led to Shah’s killing. The National Conference has demanded NIA probe into his killing.
The police theory that Shah barged into the residence of Dr Farooq Abdullah and ransacked his residence seems “cooked.”
Despite him being unarmed the security personnel did not arrest him. They just shot him dead.
The car which the youth was travelling in had suffered cosmetic damages. Why didn’t the guards stop the car at the gate? How come the “intruder’ managed to enter so deep into the house. Wasn’t it a security breach?
There are many questions which the security establishment would have to answer. The magisterial probe ordered by the Governor’s administration could lift the lid from the circumstances which led to Shah’s killing.
The incident has put the security agencies in a tight spot. In coming days they would have to answer some uncomfortable questions. Shah’s killing has created a notion that security forces can kill anyone and they won’t be held accountable. The security guards who shot him dead would have to come up with an explanation for opening fire on the unarmed man. They cannot just get away with it. Such incidents add to the prevailing insecurity and the tension. One hopes the Magisterial probe ordered by the government sees the light of the day and the circumstances which led to youth’s killing come to the fore.