Over staying of clerical staff affects governance, Govt unmoved

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Ishtyaq Ahmad

Srinagar, Aug 2: Hundreds of employees of clerical staff have been over staying for years in offices of various government departments and corporations.
Official sources said that hundreds of lower grade employees have not been transferred for the last seven to ten years from various offices.
“These employees are over staying at various places on the political and bureaucratic influence,” sources in the General Administration Department, said.
Sources said that that most of the over staying clerical staff has been found in Health and Medical Education Department, Education Department, PHE, and various state owned corporations.
Sources said that overstaying of officials also tantamount a loss to the state exchequer, when such employees draw their salaries without practically doing any work.
This is also a violation of the transfer policy. Sources said that government departments are violating the transfer policy by retaining officials more than two years. “Scores of employees in various departments have not been transferred for years. They don’t want to get transferred from these places,” an official said.
As per government’s official transfer policy of 2010 all the employees having more than two years of stay at a particular place shall be transferred.
However, various departments have not been following the transfer policy either by premature transfer of officials or retaining employees for years at a specific post, official sources said.
Sources said that premature transfers were common in most of the government departments.
The government has issued several directives to departments in the last one year to adhere the transfer policy.
The authorities at the Rural Development Department issued an order in May this year that many of the officers are serving for longer duration in the districts.
“It has been observed that the district level officers don’t follow the instructions of transfer policy circulated by the General Administration Department under government order no 861-GAD of 2010 dated 28 July 2010 wherein it has been ordered that all the employees having more than two years of stay at a particular place shall be transferred,’’ the order reads.
Earlier, the government had sought the list of overstaying employees. An order was also issued in which it was mandatory for health department officials to serve in rural areas for strengthening of health centres in far-flung areas in the state.
The order was not implemented on the ground after most of the employees opposed the move, and were willing to serve only in district hospitals and various hospitals in Srinagar and Jammu. (KNS)