“No Indian Will Be Left Out,” Says Rajnath Singh On Assam Citizens’ List

“No Indian Will Be Left Out,” Says Rajnath Singh On Assam Citizens’ List
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NEW DELHI: versy over a new citizen’s list that excludes 40 lakh people from Assam, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said today that there will be no discrimination or needless harassment in finalizing what he asserted is only a draft list.
“The process fair and transparent. We are doing everything according to the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court. Every step is being followed,” Mr Singh said in a statement in the Rajya Sabha.“I assure everyone that no Indian citizen will be left out. There is absolutely no need to worry.” He assured that there would be no coercive action against those who had been left out of the National Register of Citizens for Assam.Those not included in the NRC final list would be able to appeal to the foreigners’ tribunal, he said.
Rajnath Singh hit out at what he called attempts at fear-mongering and disrupting communal harmony. “It is unfortunate that an atmosphere of fear has been created… Propaganda has been carried out through vested interests on social media to internationalise the issue and disturb communal harmony,” he said.
“Everyone will get a chance to apply for citizenship once we have a final list. They will have full rights… nothing will be taken away from them,” said the minister.
Some 40 lakh people in Assam have been left out of the draft list, also known as National Register of Citizens (Reuters)“Please maintain peace, harmony and public order. To aid this, we have provided the Assam government with all the required security forces,” he added.