Governor should reconsider SAC recommendation about PSA: Hakeem Yaseen

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Srinagar, Aug 1: Chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib Hakeem Yaseen Wednesday appealed Governor N.N Vohra to reconsider the proposal to delete the provision in PSA that bars state authorities from lodging J&K residents in outside state jails.
In a statement, Hakeem Yaseen said that deletion of the legal provision that prohibited Government from lodging state subject residents detained under PSA in jails outside the state will cause great hardships even for the families of detenues.
He said proposal to delete the said provision has been set into motion at a crucial time when the whole state is under the shadow of immense uncertainty and unrest on account of supreme court hearing on Art.35-A petition scheduled on 6th August. He said Governor Administration should go through various pros and cones of the proposal aimed at to jail PSA detainees in outside state prisons as the move has deepened the prevailing fear psychosis and insecurity among the people.
He said under the prevailing uncertain and ambiguous law and order scenario in the state, even innocent youth and students also become victims of the situation and get caught in PSA trap.
He said, under the said proposal, if such victim students are lodged in outside state prisons , it would be great injustice with them and their families. He said that Governor should reconsider the recommendation made in the 3rd meeting of the SAC to delete provision to Section 10 of the J&K Public Safety Act which will facilitate authorities to lodge JK detenues under PSA in outside state prisons.
He said the Public Safety Act is a draconian law and the proposed amendment in the Jammu & Kashmir Public Safety Bill would make this law a hell for detainees.