Several deputations call on Mehbooba in Jammu

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Jammu, Aug 1: Several deputations on Wednesday called on PDP President Mehbooba Mufti at her residence in Jammu and discussed issues pertaining to the state and the party at large.
Among the delegations led by Chief Coordinator Ch Abdul Hamid were the respectable citizens of the region who while meeting the former chief minister gave valuable suggestions for strengthening the party on the ground and how the PDP could play a vital role in keeping the communal forces at bay who are hell-bent to vitiate the atmosphere of peace in the otherwise tolerant state known for its values of inter-religious harmony and brotherhood.
The delegations also put forth the suggestions over how more measures are needed to be taken to strengthen peoples ‘belief in the institutions of democracy, justice and fair-play.
Workers and activists from various areas of the Jammu region also held detailed meetings with the party president, stating in unison that the people have understood the difference between the friends and foes and how for the petty power, their emotions are being played with.
They added that the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir has come to know now that the PDP has always stood for its principles and has never traded the interests of state against mere power and chair.
They added that the time has come when every peace loving citizen of the state needs to come forward and strengthen the hands of the party that has been in the forefront speaking truth to power and representing the aspirations of the downtrodden sections of the society and of the perturbed people of the state, gasping for peace and tranquility since long.
The PDP President hailed the valour and zeal of the party workers who despite all odds have been working with hectic but earnest efforts to democratise the idea of the PDP and to make the party a vibrant force for state’s betterment and growth at political as well as on the developmental fronts. (KNS)