Rasheed seeks deportation of WP refugees

Srinagar, Jul 31: Accusing central government of turning its own citizens as refugees in their own motherland, AIP President and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Tuesday have strongly criticized the attack on citizenship rights of nearly forty lakh Indians especially Muslims in Assam in the name of updating the national register of citizens.
The spokesman in a statement said that in the name of deporting illegal migrants current government seems to have found a dangerous shortcut formula through the national register of citizens (NRC) to dislodge the Muslim community in Assam. The move is communal and politically motivated and unfortunately aimed at deporting Muslims to Bangladesh and other countries just for being Muslims.
He said that it is disgusting and unacceptable that those living in Assam and adjoining areas are being asked to prove their citizenship after such a long period, even the grandson of India’s former president Fakhur-din Ali Ahmad is not being spared. One has a very genuine question to ask if forty lakh Muslims are facing citizenship crises in Assam, why should not the west Pakistani refugees be deported back from Jammu to Pakistan.
The move has exposed the double standards and the communal designs of the state. If the current government sincerely wants foreigners to be identified and deported back to their native places, it must start doing so by deporting west Pakistani Refugees back to Pakistan. However current dispensation will never dare to do so only for the reason that west Pakistani refugees belong to a particular community
Rasheed welcomed amnesty international’s statement over the issue and said that the move will lead to ethnic cleansing of a particular community especially when a BJP MLA has openly asked to shoot those alleged Bangladeshis. He added that it is just propaganda to call the sons of soil intruders as no agency has any evident or authentic proof to prove that these lakhs of Muslims are not Indian citizens.
Rasheed further added that if New Delhi believes J&K to be its integral part and treats Kashmiris as its citizens, why doesn’t it allow thousands of those families hailing from Karnah, Karen, Uri, Pir Panchal region, Gurez and other areas to come back to their motherland who were forced to migrate after 1990 mass uprising in the state. Rasheed appealed PM Narendra Modi to rise to the occasion and not dislodge its own citizens only to strengthen a particular vote bank and added that he must rather focus on carrying all communities together.