Candidates raise questions over recently conducted entrance examination in SKIMS

Srinagar, Jul 31: The recently conducted PhD entrance examination in SKIMS for Immunology, Biochemistry and Microbiology according to candidates has been fraught with inconsistencies and irregularities.
The aggrieved candidates said that the papers for the examination were set to favour a selective few blue eyed candidates as the whole content of the papers was copy-paste from some academic internet sites, very unbecoming of the standard of a PhD level examination that too at the prestigious SKIMS, the highest level tertiary care centre and deemed university of the state.
“We are told that the subject experts were not consulted at all for paper setting of some specialities and the examination was deliberately conducted when they were on vacations just to favour these few blue eyed aspirants. The candidates had submitted the forms for this examination almost one year ago and there was already an unnecessary delay of almost one year to conduct this examination, reflecting the callous and incompetence of the concerned authorities at SKIMS. What was the need of conducting the examination during vacation time when the chances of experts being available are quite less, indicating that vested interests could well have been behind this. When an anonymous email to the authorities saying that the papers are leaked was taken so seriously without verifying the authenticity of the information, then why was no care taken to make the paper contents of quite a standard level. And most importantly deviating from an earlier days transparent practice of calling subject experts just a few hours before the examination to set the paper, this time around the papers were set quite long time before the exam, thereby raising doubts about the credibility of the conduct.”
The aggrieved candidates appealed the higher authorities to look into the matter and intervene so that the deserving are not kept away from what is due to them and the glory of the prestigious SKIMS is restored. (CNS)