Authorities render quarry holders, workers jobless

‘Will hit to roads along with our families’

Srinagar, Aug 1: Quarry holders from summer capital Srinagar Wednesday threatened to hit to roads along with their families against the authorities that have barred quarry labourers to extract stones from Pantha Chowk and Athwajan quarries.
Members from Himalaya Quarry Association and United Quarry Association said that they had no problem with Aripora site which is only 0.5 km away from Pantha Chowk but it has no proper roads for tippers. Besides, it is situated behind the BSF camp and we are afraid whether they will allow blasting there or not,” the quarry holders said.
They said government should keep its promise and should allow them to do their work without any hindrances at Pantha Chowk and Athwajan quarries.
The quarry holders said that they also need NOC’s from Forest and Fishery Departments and till same will not be provided to them, they won’t leave the main quarry sites.
“We have been living from hand to mouth. Thousands of workers associated with quarrying are jobless now. Government has deprived labourers, tipper drivers and others from their living. This is injustice,” the quarry holders said.
They alleged that Geology and Mining Department is misleading authorities and are accusing us of creating pollution. “There is no environmental hazard in quarrying. This is the profession which we have adopted from our ancestors,” they said and appealed Governor Administration to do justice with them.
They threatened to stir an agitation in case they are stopped from their work. (CNS)