PDP-BJP left Chenab Valley people high and dry: Saroori

Jakyas, Jul 31: Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC), Vice President and MLA Inderwal, Ghulam Mohammad Saroori has said that time has come for the people of Chenab Valley to punish the PDP and BJP for the “total let-down on all fronts”, particularly on the promise of restoring the prestige of the area by eradicating regional discrimination.
“People have been left high and dry while the BJP, in alliance with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), ignored the state for three years with its Delhi high command colluding in substantial measure, before enacting a drama of breaking the alliance,” Saroori, said while addressing Congress workers at Bhalessa, Chinyas, Batyas, Jakyas, Bathri Kahara areas in Inderwal constituency.
Saroori said the previous BJP-PDP Government did not make any efforts to relieve the weaker sections of their hardships. He said incompetence of BJP and PDP pushed back State in all sectors and no progress has been recorded in the core sectors like PHE, PDD, R&B, Health, Education, etc during last three years.
He said that while the insensitive PDP and BJP failed in assuaging urges and aspirations of the people on political front, its record in governance was quite dismal. “The state was virtually witnessing mis-governance with Government nowhere to be seen on ground”, he said, adding that if all there is any visibility of the PDP and BJP anywhere in the state, it was for all the wrong reasons of exploiting people and inciting them to fight each other.
Saroori said the efforts of the Congress coalition government during its tenure on putting the state on the path of progress and normalcy have been undone by the ‘anti-people coalition’.
Later at MLA Inderwal’s residence dozens of political activists from different parts of Inderwal constituency joined Congress party in the presence of Saroori Vice President JKPCC.
While joining the party they said that they are fully convinced by the programmed and policies of the party and have faith in its leadership and want to strengthen the party. Saroori welcomed them in the party fold and asked them to work untidily to strengthen the party at gross root level in their respective areas.