Alarming trend

Alarming trend
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More than 100 youth joining militant ranks in Kashmir during the past seven months indicates that still lot needs to be done.
Political parties have been blaming each other for the prevailing mess in Kashmir. National Conference has been claiming that erstwhile PDP-BJP regime pushed the youth towards arms while the PDP has been accusing NC of sowing the seeds of dissent during its tenure.
Political parties trying to shift the blame won’t help anyone’s cause. At present these parties are not in power and are sitting on the fence. Governor’s administration has been assigned an uphill task to restore normalcy in Kashmir. The mess which was created by the political parties has to be cleared so that the semblance of normalcy returns.
According to the media reports 28 youth from Shopian, worst militancy-hit district in south Kashmir, has accounted for the maximum recruits during the past 7 months of this year. Maximum youth who have joined the militant ranks also hail from other districts of south Kashmir. Shopian, Kulgam, Anantnag and Pulwama have witnessed many encounters and clashes since 2015 and have been the hotbed of militancy related incidents. The security agencies are of the opinion that the social media has emerged as a big challenge for them and its influence on the young minds has taken a deadly turn.
The biggest challenge for the government at present is to bring youth back into the mainstream. On the other hand people at the helm have to ensure that the trend of youth joining the militant ranks is reversed. It won’t be possible by just following the “iron fist” policy. These youth have to be counseled and made to understand that they cannot choose death over life.