Shahnawaz Ali

Unemployment is a serious issue for any economy. It creates negative affects to unemployed as they are jobless and suffer from worse prospects to find job. There are a number of factors that lead to it. Some of these include lack of proper education, lack of good skill set, inability to perform, lack of good employment opportunities and rapidly increasing population.
Unemployment leads to serious socio-economic issues. It does not only impact the individuals but the society as a whole. Below are some of the major consequences of unemployment:
Increase in Poverty
It goes without saying that increase in unemployment rate results in increase in the rate of poverty in the country. Unemployment is largely responsible for hampering the economic growth of the country.
Increase in Crime Rate
Unable to find a suitable job, the unemployed lot usually takes the path of crime as this seems to be an easy way of making money. One of the main causes of rapidly increasing cases of theft, robbery and other heinous crimes is unemployment.
Employees usually take advantage of scarcity of jobs in the market by offering low wages. Unable to find a job matching their skill people usually settle for a low-paying job. Employees are also forced to work for more than the set number of hours each day.
Political Instability
Lack of employment opportunities results in loss of faith in the government and this often leads to political instability.
Mental Health
The dissatisfaction level among unemployed people increases and it can gradually lead to anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.
Loss of Skill
Staying out of job for long period of time makes one dull and eventually results in the loss of skill. It also lowers a person’s self confidence to a large extent.
Unemployment is the root cause of various problems in the society. Unemployment destroys peace in the society. Because it is saying that an idle man’s brain is devils workshop. Besids in J&K state there is non availability of private sectors and the qualified youth are always dependent on Govt. Jobs. While the government has taken initiatives to reduce this problem, the measures taken are not effective enough. The various factors causing this problem must be studied well to look for effective and integrated solutions for the same. It is time the government should recognize the sensitivity of the matter and focus on effective job policy.