‘Poison theory’ finds no takers in Kashmir

‘Poison theory’ finds no takers in Kashmir
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Srinagar, July 29: President of Peoples Democratic Party and the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti has acknowledged that allying with Bharatiya Janata Party was a mistake and it was like drinking a “cup of poison.”
“After sharing power with BJP for more than three years Mehbooba is now claiming that entering into an alliance with the BJP was a mistake. Isn’t it strange that despite drinking poison she didn’t say goodbye to BJP. She woke up only after the saffron party pulled the plug,” an analyst told Precious Kashmir
He said that when PDP joined hands with the BJP in the state everyone said that it was an “unholy alliance.” “At that point of time PDP ignored all the suggestions and went ahead to form the government in the state. The PDP made a big compromise for the sake of power. Now it’s crying over the spilt milk,” the analyst added.
A Kashmir watcher said when PDP was in power it left no opportunity to praise the BJP leadership and asked the people to fall in the line. “One needs to ask the PDP leadership if joining hands with BJP was as good as drinking a cup of poison then why it carried forward the alliance? It should have given up the power when BJP was dictating terms,” the Kashmir watcher added.
He said that PDP on the occasion of its 19th foundation day tried to put up a united face as 21 MLAs attended the function but six rebel MLAs stayed away. “The PDP is trying to gain its lost ground by playing the victim card. The PDP leaders are expecting that this card would work. They are trying to create a notion that PDP had entered into an alliance for the sake of people which is not true,” he added.
A politician said that the PDP President is trying to prove that she was never in favour of joining hands with the BJP and she took the decision “under compulsion.” “PDP leaders are contradicting their own statements by terming the BJP-PDP alliance as a compulsion. When both the parties were sharing power it looked like that PDP has merged with BJP and is acting as its extension in Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.
The politician said, “BJP virtually opposed most of the decisions of the PDP and acted more like an Opposition party. The PDP ignored these facts and kept on marching ahead. It did not even once indicate that it would pull out from the government. BJP making the move shocked the PDP leadership and they didn’t knew how to react.”
He said the six PDP rebel MLAs who did not attend the party’s foundation day have already exposed the party leadership and it clear that “all was not well” within the PDP. “The PDP leadership would have to look for new ideas to woo the people again. Old tricks won’t work,” he added.