PDP betrayed mandate of people: Vakil

Srinagar, Jul 29: President Jammu and Kashmir Bachao Tehreek and Former Minister Abdul Gani Vakil Sunday termed the utterings of Muzaffar Hussain Beigh on the occasion of foundation day of PDP that India’s integration is endangered due to ongoing atrocities on Muslims in the country as an attempt to revive the fortunes of PDP in next elections and resort to the tactic of befooling the innocent of masses of Kashmir again on religious sentiments.
He said that since the BJP led Government took over the reigns of the country, unfortunate incidents of lynching started to gain momentum and in the backdrop of all the unusual happenings PDP forged unholy and unnatural alliance with BJP for sake of power despite knowing the emerging dangerous communal flare up in the country.
He said that during the honeymoon with BJP all the top brass of PDP including Mehbooba Mufti and Muzaffar Hussain Beigh behaved as deaf and dumb on the lynching incidents and never ever dared to even discuss the incidents with BJP leaders even Beigh never raised the issue in the Lok Sabha instead Beigh has once gone to extent that he compared modi with Mahatma Gandhi so his statement carries no weight now. He is only trying to befool people and play with their sentiment Beigh must know that people of the State will never trust them as they betrayed mandate of the people which was for keeping BJP away from power.
Vakil alleged that this has been routine of PDP and NC leadership that when they are in power they forget their promises and out of the power play with sentiment of people in the name of demilitarization and autonomy.
Former Minister said that PDP President Mehbooba Mufti’s speech at the event in Srinagar will have no impact on masses in the State because she had betrayed and befooled the people of the State during the last four years with the aim of boosting her and Tasaduq Mufti’s political career and believed in self empowerment.
Rejecting the theory of Mehbooba Mufti that she was wearing a “crown of thorns” and drank the poison, Vakil said she drank the real poison after being unceremoniously shunted out as the Chief Minister because the alliance she forged after Mufti Sahab’s demise was purely for power and prestige as she forgot the ‘CBMs’ and other conditions of alliance.
Vakil suggested all the leaders of Peoples Democratic Party particularly Mehbooba Mufti and Muzaffar Hussain Beigh not to trigger controversy with their statements but seek apology from people of J&K for inflicting harm on them physically, mentally, emotionally and in future remain vigilant and cautious of the nefarious designs of the communal and fascist forces as they will never hesitate to make them scape goats again and again.