Miscreants damage windshields of vehicles at Press Enclave

Srinagar, Jul 26: Barely a month after the brutal killing of senior journalist Syed Shujaht Bukhari outside his office here in Press Enclave Srinagar, miscreants yet again emerged in the same Colony in the middle of the night and damaged a couple of vehicles belonged to journalists.
Police said they are investigating the case. “We have collected the CCTV footage and efforts are no to identify and nab the culprits,” said a police official.
One of the damaged vehicles belongs to senior journalist Altaf Hussain who told reporters that the windshields of cars were broken and the assailant (s) made their way inside his car and searched the glove compartment. “Nothing has been stolen from the car but the documents were searched,” he said, while demanding answers from the police.
“Who did it we don’t know. But one thing is significant. Only six weeks before prominent journalist Shujaat Bukhari Sahab was killed in Press Enclave. Security was beefed up at Press Enclave after his killing. We were told that a vehicle of flying squad of the police would guard the colony from 8pm to 8 am next morning. Either all this happened in their presence or they were not present here. It is a major security breach. We need answers,” he said.
Hussain said that his colleagues are also worried about their safety after this incident. “I have been getting phone calls from my colleagues. They are all worried. Breaking windshield and managing entry inside the cars would have taken at least half an hour for the assailants. During this time, they could have done anything,” he said.
He said the incident gives an impression that the press enclave isn’t safe anymore.
“There was no security here. We were told security has been beefed up after the killing of Shujaat Bukhari. This incident happened after his (Shujaat) killing. It is a big question and we need an answer,” he demanded. (CNS)