Governor puts KU, JU back on track

Governor puts KU, JU back on track
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After a long wait Kashmir and Jammu universities have got new Vice-Chancellors. These varsities were in dire need of the new heads as the terms of the outgoing Vice-Chancellors had ended last year.
Many people believe that the erstwhile PDP-BJP government failed to place new Vice-Chancellors at place due to the political tussle between both the parties. And both the former coalition partners agreed to disagree bringing entire process to the stand still.
Governor’s administration just within a month has appointed new heads of both the varsities to revive the system in the highest seats of learning in Jammu and Kashmir divisions.
After the fall of the PDP-BJP government a long list of tasks which were left unaddressed by the previous regime is coming to fore. It appears that the previous regime had kept all the tasks pending.
Kashmir and Jammu universities getting new heads would infuse new life in both the varsities as all the activities in these institutions had come to a halt due to no full time Vice-Chancellors being at place. Both these VCs would have to work hard to clear the pending assignments and put the system back at place.
It’s unfortunate that fallen PDP-BJP regime ignored vital issues during its rule and paved the way for decaying of the institutions. Had the previous regime completed its full term one can imagine what all would have happened.
The imposition of Governor’s rule in the state has brought respite for the people and it’s evident that Governor Vohra is making all the possible attempts to put the vital institutions back on the track. The politicians need to sit back and think what they were doing when they were handling the state.