Attendance revolutionized

Attendance revolutionized
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Governor’s administration has implemented the biometric attendance system in letter and spirit. Just within one month the attendance of the employees attending the offices has jumped from 45 percent to 100 percent.
The system which had remained confined to papers only when politicians were running the state has become an integral part of the administration during the past one month.
The biometric attendance system was put at place by the Omar Abdullah led government in 2011. Having this system at place was projected as one of the biggest achievement of the then NC-Congress regime. The government had claimed that it would help in streamlining the system and clipping the wings of the employees who come late to the offices. But the tall claims of the then government didn’t materialize as the people at the helm did not show any interest in making this system work.
Since the day Governor N N Vohra has taken over the reins of the state situation has changed completely and the entire attendance system has turned digital. Attendance registers have disappeared and the old system has been shelved.
Rush on the roads of Srinagar city has increased during the peak hours as people are seen running towards their offices. Everyone wants to reach their work places on time. This has helped in increasing the efficiency of the government employees. Common people have heaved a sigh of relief as their issues and grievances are getting addressed without any delay. Even the officials seem to be taking their jobs seriously as they know they that times have changed and they have been made accountable.
The Governor’s administration should further strengthen the biometric attendance system to make the employees more accountable.