Powerful overstaying officials keep themselves away from transfer procedure

Powerful overstaying officials keep themselves away from transfer procedure
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Ishtyaq Ahmad

Srinagar, Jul 22: The overstaying officials and officers in the government departments belie the claims of state government of
pursuing austere transfer policy.
Though as per the transfer policy, minimum tenure of a government employee on a post should be two years and a maximum
of three years, it has been observed that a good section of government officers and officials have crossed the maximum
staying period.
Sources said that though the government ordered a massive reshuffle in the administration, but these overstaying, officers and
officials managed to keep themselves away from the transfer.
The Government recently carried out reshuffle in the civil administration by ordering transfer and postings of 62 officers
including IAS and KAS.
Sources revealed that number of clerical staff employees, who has been overstaying for the last 12 years in government
departments are either the relatives of politicians or bureaucrats.
They further added that a Director or Managing Directors have an authority to transfer the employees especially when an
employee completes his minimum two years of the service in one station. “But many directors came during the period of such
employees but none dared to transfer them which shows that how powerful they are,” sources maintained.
“A number of times the issue of overstay of some employees was brought in the knowledge of Directors, Commissioners and
Ministers in the past but everybody overlooked the issue. Many employees in clerical staff who are posted in other districts and
waiting their turn to be posted in summer capital have become hopeless due to apathy of concerned administration,” they
Overstay of employees particularly in clerical section breeds corruption and ultimately the people have to suffer in getting
executed their work. Many schemes never reach to the beneficial due to some corrupt officials with help their staff, they
“There are officers in health, transport, PHE, and in some state owned corporations who have completed decades at one
place.” sources maintained.
Sources further revealed and alleged that officials in the clerical staff of health department Kashmir has been overstaying for
over a decade.
Similarly sources said that scores of doctors of health department is overstaying from last 15 years at one place.
As per government’s official transfer policy of 2010 all the employees having more than two years of stay at a particular place
shall be transferred.
Sources said that the same is the situation in Regional transport office Kashmir where some of employees have overstayed.
Sources said that similarly many officials in the Public sector undertakings have overstayed at their choicest postings for years
Official sources revealed that some officers in state owned corporations have not been transferred for many years.
Official sources said that all these officers are involved in one or the other case which are under active investigation with
Vigilance Organization or Crime Branch.
Sources said that even the promotions have been granted to many officials in the state owned corporations, while during the
period they have overstayed at one place of posting.
One of the top officials here in civil secretariat said that the government will look into the matter. (KNS)