Last surviving member of Burari family, their dog Tommy, dies

NEW DELHI: Weeks after being rescued from the house in Burari where 11 members of a family were found dead inside, their pet dog – Tommy– died of a heart attack in Noida on Sunday at an animal shelter, where he was currently being kept.
The dog was the only ‘survivor’ from the house and was found chained on the terrace when the police had scanned the house. He was also found to be having extremely high fever – touching 108 degrees due to dehydration and not being fed. Tommy (6), who is an Indian pitbull mixed breed was then taken in by a Noida based animal clinic where he was treated and experts said he seemed to have recovered completely from his fever.
Sanjay Mohapatra, the animal activist who had taken the dog in, said he seemed fine in the morning and was even taken for a walk. However, when the dog came back, he collapsed and did not recover from a cardic arrest.
“He was recovering well and had gained weight since we first saw him. His skin infection was also gone and he was treated as a family member here. This came as a shock to us as Tommy collapsed soon after coming from a walk on Sunday evening. The team immediately tried to revive him, but within five minutes he was declared dead,” said Mohapatra, who runs an animal shelter “House of Stray Animals” in Noida.
cremationThe dog’s body and he was finally cremated in Noida.
The dog was extremely aggressive when he first arrived at the shelter and it took rescuers nearly 90 minutes to put him in a vehicle. Mohapatra says the aggression was primarily due to trauma and shock, but he seemed to be recovering well.
Mohapatra says he informed the police soon after the incident and a post-mortem was conducted on Monday morning. “We preserved the dog’s body and he was finally cremated today in Noida itself. We suspect this may have occurred due to trauma, as the remaining tests all came back fine and he seemed to be doing well,” said Mohapatra.