‘Sonia Gandhi’s math is weak’: BJP taunts on eve of no-trust vote

NEW DELHI: With numbers not looking anywhere close to stacking up on the Opposition side, the ruling BJP has mocked Congress chief Sonia Gandhi’s suggestion that she may have the numbers. “Sonia ji’s math is weak. They had calculated similarly in 1996. We know what happened then,” ANI quoted Parliamentary Affairs minister Ananth Kumar as saying on Thursday. This comes a day after the UPA chairperson contested questions on how the Opposition would rustle up numbers during Friday’s anti-trust motion against the Narendra Modi government which has a comfortable majority in the Lok Sabha. “Who says we don’t have the numbers?”she had shot back when NDTV put across the question. Kumar’s reference was to Gandhi’s ill-fated claim in 1999 when the onus was on the Congress to produce numbers after Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government fell in the Lok Sabha by one vote. “We have 272, with more coming in,” she famously said outside the Rashtrapati Bhavan then after staking claim with the president. Embarrassingly for the Congress the majority mark never came, Vajpayee went ahead with the caretaker government and the BJP and allies came back to power later that year with a cosy majority.