BUMS students visit Benhama herbal garden

Srinagar, Jul 18: Kashmir Tibbia College and Research Centre Shilvath had one day Herbal tour of 2nd year BUMS students to Faculty of Forestry, Benhama today.
Students visited the herbal garden, Lavender park, and mist chambers. Herbal samples were exhibited and lectures were delivered by forestry Faculty.
Students also visited GIS lab at Faculty. Herbal collection in Faculty of Forestry was the star attraction of students and faculty of BUMS.
Professor Sajad A Gangoo, Head Division of Forest products and utilization gave a detailed account of the activities at Faculty of Forestry.
Dr S Naseem Geelani, Students Welfare officer and Head division of Social and Basic Sciences thanked the Faculty of Kashmir Tibbia College and Students for their visit and told the students that by these exposure visits students will get awareness about the local flora and the ways for entrepreneurship can also be explored. (KNS)