Hyderabad techie’s killer shot dead after high-voltage chase in US

HYDERABAD: Ten days after a Hyderabad techie, Sharath Koppu, 25, was shot dead at a restaurant in Kansas City, the suspect was gunned down after a high-voltage chase and siege in twin locations in Missouri. Three undercover detectives suffered bullet injuries in gun battles on Sunday and were hospitalised.
It was a dramatic chase to pin down the gunman, who was under surveillance of the Kansas City Police since the July 6 shooting at J’s Fish and Chicken Market in which Sharath, a student of University of Missouri, was shot in the back.
Police had surveillance footage and received a few leads while tracking his movement. Detectives and two undercover officers noticed the suspect at a motel on US 40. When cops approached him, the suspect fired at them, leaving two injured. “We were not expecting him at that place though we were scouring the area. He showed up all of sudden,” a police officer said. Kansas City police chief Rick Smith said, “This was the first time we laid eyes on him.”
Live helicopter footage captured the trail in which the suspect and an aide fled in a vehicle after firing at the policemen. Additional reinforcements were immediately mobilised. Air surveillance and vehicle tracking helped cops to zero in on East 31st Street and Topping Avenue, where he was holed up. It took nearly an hour for police to track him down.
But, police were not willing to take chances while smoking out the gunman from his second hideout. If the suspect went on a rampage, there were chances of casualties. More police vehicles were summoned and a command post was set up to track movements of every vehicle in the vicinity. The suspect who junked his getaway car on a street, entered an abandoned house.
Under siege, the suspect again began firing at police . “At 1.15 pm, the armed suspect exited a residence and once again exchanged gunfire with officers. He was shot and taken into custody. Later, he was declared dead,” Kansas City police said.