BJP shedding crocodile tears after governance failure: NC

Jammu, Jul 12: In order to strengthen its workers strength, Youth National Conference Thursday held a joining programme in Jammu.
Programme was headed by Youth National Conference Provincial President, Ajaz Jan in which a number of youth from Jammu city joined party.
Several of newly joined youth were associated with other political organisations in past.
Addressing during the programme, newly joined party workers and chairpersons of YNC castigated previous government of BJP-PDP coalition for remaining failure in its youth related policies and especially in terms of fast-track recruitment.
Addressing the event, Youth NC Provincial President Ajaz Jan castigated Bhartiya Janata Party leaders for shedding crocodile tears on the name of Jammu after remaining failure in government.
“One day before the coalition got over, BJP leaders were terming PDP as a good coalition partner and government as a successful one but the day after government collapsed, PDP became bad partner for BJP and government became failure ” Jan said who terming these statements as an attempt to befool masses.
He also asked BJP leaders to come clear and to present their performance and asked masses to remain united and fight against forces dividing society on names of religion and castes.
Those who joined YNC include Amardeep Singh, Gurpreet Singh, Gagandeep Singh, Tajinder Singh, Iqbal Singh, Jeevanjot Singh, Arminder Singh, Naveen Koul, Danish, Gourav, Rajan Gupta, Arjun, Pankaj, Rohit, Abhinav Mahajan, Varun, Gagandeep Singh, Jasvinder Singh, Davinder Singh, Mohan Singh, Bupinder Singh, Jageet Singh Khalsa, Rahul Kumar, Gagandeep Singh, Amandeep Singh.
YNC chairperson present in the programme include Rakesh Singh, Rohit Kerni, Tejinder Pal Singh Aman, Reitesh Koul, Vishal Gupta , Mudit Seth, Daman Preet Singh, Nitish Goswami, Vishal Raina, Mubashar Khan, Yasir Ahsan, Shabeer Hussain.