Double standard at examination level not tolerable: Qayoom Wani

Srinagar, Jul 12: President Employees joint Action committee, Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Teachers Forum Ab Qayoom Wani while demanding that Examinations in Govt Schools from class 5th to 9th be conducted at school level. The decision will save the precious time of students and will save them from additional load of fee.
Wani said that examinations are being held for the last one month and are deferred due to unfavorable conditions. In this way near about two months are about to waste as the students do not attend their classes during exams which is quite injustice with these students besides students are charged hefty sums as fee.
Wani said our teachers are fully competent and could conduct these Examinations easily on school or cluster level, as was the precedence in the past. Wani said that private schools conducted these Exams at school level which saved them from wasting time. Wani said that these autocratic decisions are only for poor students studying in Govt. Schools which wastes their time and put a question mark on the credibility of teachers of Govt. Schools. Wani further said that Teachers in Govt. Schools are intelligent and competent enough who could hold examinations and if these powers are also snatched from them that would question their credibility.
Chairman Ab Qayoom Wani urged the Advisor to state Governor, Khursheed Ahmad Ganie who is also holding the portfolio of Education Department to review this decision so that the time and money of poor students studying in Government Schools is saved besides it would restore the credibility of Teachers.
Wani said that it is need of the hour to empower teachers and give them ownership, which will have better and positive results in the field of Education. (PTK)