Congress eroded Art 370, trashed Interlocutor, Working group reports: Vakil

Says BJP, Congress on same page regarding Kashmir

Srinagar, Jul 11: President Jammu Kashmir Bachao Tehreek and former minister, Abdul Gani Vakil Wednesday hit out at the Congress left, right and centre saying that this party is the creator of all problems in Kashmir and from time to time the humiliated all towering political personalities of Kashmir.
Reacting to the frequent visits of Congress’s J&K Policy Planning Group, Vakil termed it a new political stunt to befool Kashmiris. “But you can’t make fools out of Kashmiris anymore. Can the leadership of Congress answer what they have done to resolve Kashmir during their 60 years of rule? Now they are shedding crocodile tears,” he said.
In a statement issued here, Vakil said no doubt BJP is adopting the same path of Congress, but Congress intelligently did all possible means to suppress voice of people of Kashmir by misusing power while BJP believes in politics of polarization.
“It is BJP that rejected the resolution of autonomy. No doubt Omar remained silent when he was minister in Vajpayee’s government then,” he said.
Blazing guns at Congress party, Vakil said this party is the root cause of all problems in Kashmir and now they don’t shy away in talking about strengthening of Article 370. “Who eroded Article 370? It is the Congress Party. Now you can’t befool people of Kashmir anymore,” he said.
Congress kept the tallest leader of Kashmir in jail for 20 years for none of his fault, he said. “Later, they brought him back and made him chief minister and within a short period humiliated him by withdrawing support and even he was not allowed to give oath to his chosen cabinet in 1976,” Vakil added.
Likewise, on a democratic front all towering figures of Kashmir, whether it is Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad or Sheikh Abdullah, were humiliated, he said, adding, Farooq Abdullah was dethroned by defecting his MLAs.
Vakil said that now out of power Congress beats about the bush of strengthening special status of J&K and even talk of autonomy. “Can we ask you who eroded the status of J&K by changing nomenclatures of prime minister and Sadr-e-Riyasat,” he said.
He asked Congress leadership to answer where the reports of Working Group Committees and Interlocutors report are? “I was also part of the Working group. Congress is the main culprit of Kashmiri story today. Congress must answer 65 years of wrongdoings in Kashmir,” he said.
Vakil said the Jammu Kashmir Bachao Tehreek demands reply to some questions of Interlocutor report and Working Group recommendations. “It was Congress that trashed all these reports and recommendations. Why didn’t Congress resolve Kashmir through dialogue? Why for last 30 years they avoided to talk to Hurriyat.