Alternate highway in offing

Alternate highway in offing
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Finally the Government of India has set the ball rolling to declare Mughal Road as national highway and has initiated the process to study feasibility of the project and prepare a detailed project report.
The National Highways Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL), a company fully owned by Union ministry of road transport and highways has invited proposals from eligible consultants to prepare a detailed project report for two-laning of Mughal Road connecting Kashmir with Pir Panchal region.
Since 1947 Kashmir Valley has been dependent on the only one highway i.e. Srinagar-Jammu highway, which gets closed for the vehicular traffic off and on. The demand for setting up an alternate highway has been pending for long. The undependable Srinagar-Jammu highway has always haunted the people of Kashmir as slight rainfall leads to the closure of the highway for days together.
The process to convert Srinagar-Jammu highway into a 4-lane has been on for the past many years. The opening of Nashri-Chenani tunnel on the highway has brought Srinagar closer to Jammu but still lot needs to be done.
Mughal road can serve as an alternate highway and can help in keeping Kashmir connected with rest of the country when the main highway gets closed. It would also reduce the rush of vehicles on Srinagar-Jammu highway as people would have an option.
Politicians, who have ruled the state during all these years have candidly admitted that political dispensations have failed to provide an alternate highway to Kashmir and it’s their “collective failure.”
One hopes that GoI pushes this project through as it would prove very beneficial for the people who face lot of difficulties especially in winter season when main highway gets blocked for days together.