Hilalabad residents accuses R&B for using poor quality material in macadamization

Srinagar, Jul 9: Residents of Sopore accused Roads and Building (R&B) department of using poor quality material in macadamization of roads.
According to a local resident only after few days of macadamization, it developed cracks and roads got damaged partially. They added that millions Rupees spend o road but what happen that is in front of department.
Citing example of macadamisation of Hilalabad road Sopore, locals said that macadamization of road was started after a long period, ‘but it could not sustain even for days, which clearly states usage of poor quality material in construction.’
However officials said that if there are any complaints regarding damage to newly macadamized roads, department will look into it. “Check the roads that were macadamized recently and you will see most of them have developed potholes and cracks,” locals of said.
They said that several roads that were macadamized for the past over a year have also started developing potholes due to usage of sub-standard material.
They said that the shabby roads makes problem more complex during rainfall when water gets accumulated in potholes. They said the concern officials had received complaints but to no avail. (PTK)