Hakeem Yaseen pained over blood bath in Kashmir

Budgam, Jul 9: Chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib, Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen has expressed deep pain and agony over the unabated blood bath in Kashmir adding that killing of three innocent youth in Redwani, Awoora in Kulgam on Staurday was most unfortunate and heart wrenching. He has urged the Governor for zero tolerance against human rights violations in the state.
Talking to various deputations at Khansahib Monday, Hakeem Yaseen while strongly condemning killing of innocent civilians, has asked the Governor to take effective measures to stop killing of civilians either by security forces or un-identified gunmen. He said Security personnel deployed in state need to be made accountable hoping that Governor would ensure zero tolerance against human rights violations in the turmoil ravaged state. “Certainly there are black sheep in armed forces who need to be identified and brought to book, Hakeem Yaseen said adding that killing of innocent civilians sparks public wrath and resentment which causes alienation among the people at a massive scale.”
He has asked the Governor to rollout an effective public grievances redressal mechanism to provide some relief to the turmoil ravaged people of the state. He said people of the state are yearning for peace adding that onus lies on Governor to make atmosphere conducive for resolution of issues through dialogue and reconciliation.
Hakeem Yaseen has cautioned the people against the exploitation on the issue of Article 370 by vested interests adding that Article 370 of the Constitution of India, which guarantees special status to J&K, is constitutionally irrevocable and no party at the center can afford to tamper with it. He said vested interests, both at Center and state, are from time to time ringing fake alarm bell about abrogation of Article 370, to hoodwink public opinion, for their political gains. He said people of the state are now conscious enough about the legal and constitutional basis of Article 370 and they can no longer be befooled on this account. (KNS)