22-Year-Old Driver Stopped By French Police – Then Shot And Killed

Several neighborhoods in the city of Nantes in western France were set ablaze on Tuesday night by dozens of young people wielding small missiles and gasoline-filled bottles, protesting the shooting death of a 22-year-old driver. For several hours, groups wearing bandannas and hoods ran through the streets, smashing store windows and setting fire to various buildings, including a medical center and a library, radio station Europe 1 reported. As the sun rose Wednesday morning, the residents of the Breil, Malakoff and Dervallieres neighborhoods woke up to find nearly 200 policemen mobilized to patrol the area and restore order.
Around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, a man identified by the French newspaper Le Monde as Aboubakar F., was pulled over by police in Breil. What happened next is not immediately clear, but police have told reporters they received orders to bring the young man into the station because his “identity was not clear,” France24 reported. Authorities later said the man was also wanted in another city for robbery and involvement in other crimes.Aboubakar F. allegedly tried to reverse his car after he was stopped by police, hitting an officer in the knee. At this point, another officer opened fire, shooting him in the carotid artery and killing him, Le Monde reported. He was pronounced dead around 11:30 p.m., sparking violent protests across Nantes that lasted into the early morning.Breil, Malakoff and Dervallieres have been described by some local news reports as “sensitive “ – an official term used by the French government to refer to areas in need of social investment.