JK Rowling Just Ripped Apart Donald Trump’s Tweet, Yet Again

It’s common knowledge that Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling has a magical way with words, not just in her novels but in the exciting realm of Twitterverse too.
By now you’re probably more than aware that JK Rowling has a serious Twitter game and no one is safe. The British novelist is often seen to be vocal about her political views, especially her support for the LGBTQ community and well, her absolute disdain for Donald Trump.
This might have riveted negative attention to her Twitter page, but she instantly summons brutal wit-smacking responses every time. After all, she knows a “load of cobblers” when she sees it.
However, her number one target is always president Donald Trump, who she has humiliated in a number of ways in the past.The Harry Potter author has put the president on blast numerous times, and she was back at it again this week.This happened when President Trump earlier today in a tweet tried asserting his literary prowess, claiming to “have writtenmany best-selling books” against the torrential grammar Nazism on his tweets.
Annnnnd,to much of Rowling’s amusement he messed that up too. Yes, rollicking Rowling at her best isn’t it. However, this obviously isn’t the first time that Rowling publicly took Trump’s case. In fact, a close look at her twitter reveals an entire scurrilous agenda in the workings to target Trump for his pigheadedness. Today seems like the right day to do a recap of some of the most searing Rowling twitter comebacks on Donald Trump.