It’s now confirmed why US canceled ‘2+2 talks’ with India

NEW DELHI: The US last week abruptly canceled the much anticipated ‘2+2 talks’ with India set for July 6 and after a lot of speculation it’s now clear why they did – a key participant in the talks, US secretary of state Mike Pompeo, is rushing off to North Korea on July 5 + .
His sudden trip, hastily planned for just a day before the scheduled talks with his Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj, looks to be indeed the reason for the cancelation of the talks that were meant to focus on strengthening strategic, security and defence cooperation between the two countries.
In fact, London’s Financial Times last Thursday cited US sources that P Pompeo plans to travel to North Korea this week. Their sources were on the money. Last Wednesday, the US is said to have conveyed to India that the ‘ 2+2 talks’ are being “postponed” due to “unavoidable reasons” + and will soon be rescheduled.
This was the second time that the so-called 2+2 dialogue was scrapped after an earlier effort to get them going in March had to be “postponed” when then secretary of state Rex Tillerson was fired by President Trump.