What happened to the money?

What happened to the money?
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For time being flood threat is over and people have heaved a sigh of relief. The receding water levels indicate there is no threat now and the worst is over.

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted a wet week ahead in the north Indian states and there is every possibility about Kashmir receiving heavy rainfall in coming days.

The 2-day rainfall wreaked havoc across the Valley with all the rivers and tributaries flowing above the danger mark. The flood scare triggered panic as people feared that 2014 would be repeated.

The flood scare made one thing clear that nothing has been done since 2014 to save Kashmir from floods. Even a layman could make out that no steps have been taken to increase the carrying capacity of the major rivers flowing in the Valley.
People are asking what happened to the money which Centre had sanctioned for preventing floods. The dredging of river Jehlum did not yield the desired results. In low lying areas many people complained that the breaches which had occurred during 2014 are yet to be repaired.

The Governor’s administration by now would have taken a note of the problems which people faced and what has Irrigation and Flood Control department done during all these years. The officials who were assigned the job to work out a mechanism to prevent the floods should be asked how the money was spent.

One hopes that weather remains fair and no more scares are created in the coming days and the
Governor’s administration ensures that the mistakes which have been committed by the previous regimes vis-à-vis floods are not repeated again.

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