Centre always betrayed people’s mandate: Hakeem Yaseen

Srinagar, Jul 3: Chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen has urged the need to restore peace to stop bloodshed in the restive state adding that holding of elections was not the first priority.
In a statement, Hakeem Yaseen has said that the first priority was to restore peace to stop ongoing bloodshed of innocent people in the state adding that fresh elections can be put on hold for the time being, though Governor’s rule cannot be an alternative to an elected Government in the state.
He said turmoil hit people of the state are yearning for peace land seek a healing touch to their miseries at this crucial juncture adding that need of the hour was to restore people’s trust and faith on the system which has been eroded by the mainstream politicians from time to time since 1947.
He said history is testimony that Center has always dis-respected the true mandate of the people of the state by installing puppet Governments of their choice which has been the main cause of alienation and mis-trust among the people.
“Many a times, elected state Legislative Assemblies were not allowed to complete their full tenure and were usurped by undemocratic means,” Hakeem Yaseen said adding that the state politicians also played a truant with the sentiments of the people for satiating their power lust since 1947. He said the mandate of the people was brazenly trampled every now and then adding that this anarchy resulted in encouraging the menace of corruption, nepotism and un accountability in the overall public system , thus making the life of common people a total hell.
Hakeem Yaseen said that unless political parties in the state rise above petty considerations and jointly work towards a people friendly and honest future strategy to heal bruised sentiments of the people, return of peace will remain a distant dream. He said need of the hour was that all the mainstream parties in one voice should prevail upon leaderships of neighboring India and Pakistan countries to resolve all their outstanding issues including that of Kashmir dispute amicably through dialogue and reconciliation adding that the people of the state are the first causality of animosity and tensions between them.
Hakeem Yaseen has asked the Governor to lift cover on all scandals of corruption and misappropriations committed by the successive Governments in the state to restore people’s trust on the system of governance and justice. (KNS)