“Sterlite Permanently Closed”: Minister Rejects Ramdev, Sadhguru’s Views

CHENNAI: *The Sterlite plant in Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin, the epicentre of violent protests over environmental hazards, will not be reopened, a minister asserted today, on appeals from some spiritual leaders.
“Sterlite plant will not be reopened. We’ve taken a firm stand. We don’t care about the views of Ramdev and Sadhguru,” said Tamil Nadu minister D Jayakumar. “Sterlite has been permanently closed,” he stressed.
The Sterlite plant was shut down in May amid massive anger and tension over the death of 13 people in police firing during protests against the plant.The minister was responding to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and yoga guru Ramdev coming out in support of reopening the copper smelter.Sadhguru had said in a tweet: “Am not an expert on copper smelting but I know India has immense use for copper. If we don’t produce our own, of course we will buy from China. Ecological violations can be addressed legally. Lynching large businesses is economic suicide.” The tweet has been criticised by some, like actor Siddharth, who referred to the killing of 13 protesters. “This isn’t the best time to list the benefits of copper. Shooting citizens is murder.