Reviving the reality of language

Khalid Lateef

Dr. T B Irving connotes in his Research paper about Ibn Khaldun, that, “The famous historian of Islamic Golden age and researcher of sociological elements is considered one of the founding fathers of sociology. If Muqadama (prolegomena) would have been discovered before eighteenth century. Perhaps, with assurance it would had been translated by Roger of sicily. But, luckily it was discovered in 18th century in western world. Ibn Khaldun wrote philosophy of human sociology in fourteenth century with its relevance with Greek, dark western sociological apprehension. In those historical written manuscripts of Muqqadama (prelogmena), light has been thrown on many more dinners and breakfasts of knowledgeable food. Even the western thinker Machaevali has not touched those criteria’s.
Behind those socio qua Islam, i was able to have a bread and butter from Muqadama(Prolegomena). He was the first linguist, who has discussed about the reality of language and its birth in cultured societies. He with his analysis, on Muslim Al Andalus (Muslim Spain) and Muslim caliphates of Asia, Africa Berbers illustrates the logic of language by providing a reason that “ It is the expression by mouth in the form of words or to express the idea of revolving mind( Biological Brain ) may be determined as language. He illustrates that the languages spoken in the world are correlated with each other. Genealogically, he spoke Arabic and wrote in it zealous manner.
Indeed, we are unable to say that whether he was familiar with other languages or not. But in fact he never gave importance to the knowledge of knowing other languages or linguistics. Whence, he is uniform whilst thinking about linguistics. Henceforth, we should note that his marvelous thinking on linguistics is so much amazing. Whilst forth, he had been travelling in language .After knowing , he came on the notion of deep conclusion of surprised miracles of linguistics .He also pointed out the connotation of language and showed results by experimentation , that how it is effected by sociological affections of tribalism.
Ibn Khaldun says that,” To conversate or to give a lecture is a property, which comes after learning as ability”. His words are like;
“We should know that from near eastern sciences ( ulum ul mashriqiyah), it is like a property. From this property, human mind (Brain) learns, how meaning of words in languages is paid.” After learning Good or bad language is spoken by his/her tongue. Even this method is applicable on domestic pets and birds. So there will be merits as well as demerits on speaker. It is not correct only upto limits of singular words (Mufarad) but, this learning seems also right on composite words (Murakab) or mixed words. Because, while speaking language, the singular words are being mixed according to framed rules. The source of words of words or vocabulary is also necessary because without it the communication is not possible. The property of speaker is that the listener is more and more profited by vocabulary. Fluency (Blaghat) means the above statement and explanation of language. After this, our Tunisian scholar says, that this art can be achieved by doing continuous rehearsals. It means after doing the same work consecutively, the fondness of work exists itself. In beginning, the character and condition of brain is not cement bounded. But, when rehearsal consecutively continues, then that art becomes masterly art as life hobby. Thus in conclusion art converts into Daily work which often scrutinizes language as social element of sociology.