Govt fails to restore street lights from Thanamandi to Shahdara Sharif

Aman Malik

Rajouri, June 28: Residents of Thanamandi Town and Shadra Sharif Rajouri complained that the streetlights installed on the road from Thanamandi to Ziyarat sharif by the Municipal Committee are not functioning. They said that the lights have gone out of order and the concerned department has failed to restore them. This hampers smooth movement of inhabitants in Thanamandi during hours and causes immense problems to them.
The streetlights worth crores of rupees were installed in the Thanamandi to Shahdara Sharif are not functioning from the date they have been installed.
“The concern agency has failed to undertake the maintenance of these lights,” said Taj Mohd a local resident.
He said from last one year we made dozens of request to Municipal Committee Thanamandi for functioning of the streetlights of Thanamandi to Shahdara Sharif so that people can move easily in night.
“Despite many reminders the municipal authorities have failed to restore these streetlights,” said Ab Hamied, a resident of Shahdara Sharif. “We can’t venture out in the evenings as the whole areas reels under darkness,” he added.
The defunct streetlights have also affected business activity in the town. In absence of street lights people face problems to reach to the markets in evening. “This forces us to close business establishments and shops early,” a shopkeeper Shabir Ahmad said. “Despite paying taxes for basic facilities, the authorities have failed to restore the streetlights.”
If the streetlights are made functional, markets will definitely remain abuzz with the business activity during the late hours, he added.