PDP-BJP played breakup game after sensing they lost ground: Monga

Srinagar, Jun 25: Senior Congress leader, G.M Monga Monday said that both BJP and PDP are involved in crime, killing in Kashmir.
Taking to a news agency Monga said that both the parties are responsible for this situation in Kashmir. He said that they sensed that PDP has lost ground in Kashmir and BJP has lost it in Jammu, hence they played a breakup game.
He said that now they criticize each other as both party try to make their ground again.
Referring to BJP president Amit Shah’s comments blaming PDP for lack of development especially in Jammu and Ladakh, discrimination and lawlessness, Monga said that Shah had come to the state to admit the failure of his government in an honourable manner.
Monga further said that how can Amit Shah blame the party with which they were in alliance for more than three years. Monga added that they know what ground situation is; they were aware that people have rejected them. (PTK)