Mumbai man fined for giving lift to strangers stuck in rain

As Mumbai battles constant rains and commuting chaos on the roads, a Mumbaikar was in for a shock when he was fined because he offered a lift to stranded people during heavy rains on Monday last week.Nitin Nair, an executive with a financial consultancy firm in Navi Mumbai, took to Facebook to narrate his ordeal. Nair said he was fined near Airoli Circle as he offered a ride to three people looking for a lift, including a senior citizen. As soon as Nair started the vehicle, a traffic police officer stopped the vehicle and confiscated his driving licence, he alleged.
“The moment they got in and I started the car, one traffic police officer in a towing vehicle waylaid me and asked me to show him my license. At first, I thought that probably I stopped in a no parking area (Sic),” he wrote.“The police officer then started to write a receipt and asked me to hand over my license to him. I asked him for the reason, to which he said ‘It is illegal to give a lift to unknown people’”. The cop allegedly asked him to go to the police station to pay the fine and obtain his licence. However, next day when he went to the station, he was asked to go to the court as he was charged under section 66/192 of the Motor Vehicle Act which requires one to accept one’s mistake in a court.