Friends turn foes

Friends turn foes
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The war of words between the Peoples Democratic Party and Bharatiya Janata Party has gained momentum since the day both the parties said goodbye to each other. The former coalition partners are spilling the beans and are blaming each other for the failure of the coalition government.
The former Chief Minister and the PDP president Mehbooba Mufti said, “Many false charges are being leveled against us by our former allies. Our commitment to the Agenda of Alliance, co-authored by Ram Madhav and endorsed by senior leaders like Rajnath (Singh) ji never wavered. It is sad to see them disown their own initiative and label it a soft approach.”
Mehbooba Mufti was responding to the scathing attack which was launched at PDP by the BJP National President Amit Shah in Jammu. Since the day BJP pulled out from the government in Jammu and Kashmir it has shifted the entire blame on the PDP. The saffron party is alleging that PDP ministers failed to deliver and they were unable to perform.
The other narrative which BJP is building is that PDP wanted saffron party to go against the national interests and it pulled out to safeguard the country. BJP’s betrayal has left the PDP in the midst and the party is finding hard to recollect itself. The speculations about a few PDP leaders planning to quit the party have also sent alarm bells ringing.
The PDP president would have to first set her house in order and then taken on her political opponents, who want assembly to be dissolved and fresh elections to be held. The PDP has to start from scratch to counter what BJP is saying.