Tough days ahead?

Tough days ahead?
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The Government of India deciding to intensify the “Operation All Out” against the militants in Kashmir is an indication that coming days are not going to be that easy and the Valley may witness surge in the number of encounters.
Many people believe that nineties have returned as cordon and search operations, nocturnal raids and protests have returned. So have the killings.
The ground situation in Jammu and Kashmir had improved when the India and Pakistan gave peace a chance and announced ceasefire on the borders and Line of Control in 2003.
Recently the senior Congress leader and former union minister Prof Saifuddin Soz stated that India and Pakistan should consider the formula which was proposed by the former Pakistan President General Parvez Musharraf but his statement didn’t go well with the hardliners in the country and they took him head on.
The political instability and uncertainty in Pakistan have complicated the issues further. The possibilities about both the countries holding talks in near future look bleak as hectic political activities are on in Pakistan to elect a new Prime Minister. On the other hand India is all set to hold parliamentary polls in 2019.
In absence of talks violence can escalate in Jammu and Kashmir, especially in the Valley. Possibility about no peaceful solution is not good news for the people of the state. They should brace for tough days ahead. History stands testimony to the fact that Kashmiris have suffered whenever relations between India and Pakistan have touched the lowest ebb. It looks like that no one wants to talk about peace and reconciliation and its all about war.